Antiparos is known for its pristine, turquoise, crystal clear waters and its beautiful white and grey rocky formations in the ocean, best explored with a boat trip. Boat tours are a very popular way of exploring the sites of the island. You can see the old archeological site, Despotiko island, other beaches, jump off rocks and the boat and visit the sea cave. There are various options that you can choose from to explore the different locations on Antiparos. Ranging from all day tours, sailing boats, boats with your own skipper, you can hire a boat to drive yourself (with a valid license) and you can choose a trip where you can customize your timing.  Antiparos, dues to its central location in the Cyclades, is also a great starting point for a boat trip, if you wish to visit nearby islands. Enjoy your day at the sea with tours that provide Greek food and delicious beverages. You are in for a day full of sun, joy, fun, relaxation and more!

Here are some popular Antiparos boat trips and experiences you can enjoy:

Captain Ben


Enjoy a relaxing and lazy day boat trip with Captain Ben Antiparos, around Antiparos island. This boat takes people from Paros and Antiparos. So, if you enjoy mingling in big groups of people and socializing then this is the boat trip for you. Although, at the same time you can decide to stay in your own group for the day and its still fantastic. Captain Bens takes around 60 people on the boat on a full trip. The trip is from 10:00-17:00, allowing time to take you all around the island. There are various activities to be enjoyed from jumping off the boat and rocks, a BBQ on the boat, snacks and drinks on the beach, diving and snorkeling and sliding down a slippery slide at the end of the trip. The boats itinerary changes depending if it’s a windy day or not. So always check to see what itinerary will be followed and whether the trip will be on or not. This is a day of guaranteed enjoyment, relaxation and fun.

Antiparos Rent a Boat

In Antiparos Rent a Boat, you can get a quick transfer to near islands or seek out a wide range of self owned boats for your summer excersions to the Cyclades in the clear, crystal waters of the Agean sea. With or without skipper, your holidays will be heaven. The private dock where the boats are rented from is based in the front of Kouros Village. You can visit nearly every island of the Cyclades within 45 – 90 minutes, or explore the hidden beaches of Antiparos, the Blue Lagoon and Despotiko Island. Lunch Baskets and snacks come from the hotels restaurant, Samano, Chef Mr Leonidas Koutsopoulos and his team. There are various options ranging from 15ft – 35ft, from 30Hp – 600Hp, GRP or RIB boats. Antiparos Rent a Boat will definitely have something that will fit your needs. With 13 years of experience in boat rentals and back to back customer experience, there is no doubt that they are here to offer an unforgettable experience during your holiday. 

Glaraki Cruises

If you want a taste of the Greek summer island of Antiparos on a Sailing boat then visit Glariki for a day trip. Sail to some of the most beautiful and hidden beaches of the island. Most of these places are only accessible by boat, including caves of Epitafios and desolate islands like Blue Lagood and Despotiko. The boat travels with up to 10 people which maximises the joy of your privacy. A delicious food from the Greek cuisine is provided including grilled fish, souvlaki, traditional delicacies, fruits and drinks. Glaraki Cruises provide two options for the timing of the trip. There is a Day Trip at 10:00-16:30 and a Sunset Beach from 17:00-19:30.

Captain Sargos

Captain Sargos 2

Explore the hidden beauties of the southern part of Antiparos island on Captain Sargos boat adventure! Sargos has been operating for many years in Antiparos island providing boat trips and daily cruises. Customize your times and visit the destinations of Despotiko, the archeological site, the beautiful beach of Livadi and the water cave (Epitafios). Captain Sargos has 2 boats. Sargos 1 is a traditional boat (kaiki) and has been renovated to a touristic professional boat. Captain Sargos welcomes you on his 2 boats for an unforgettable trip. The boa trip starts from the pier in St. George, at the south of Antiparos Island, just in front of the Fish Restaurants and depart several times per day.