Antiparos beaches are known for their prestine clear waters and their tranquil environment. The crystal clean water is very appealing for a swim on a nice hot Summers Greek day. The Beaches are all within 2-15 minutes walking distance from Kouros Village, meaning you will not need to buckle up your seatbelts and get in a car at all! Instead, you can enjoy a nice and relaxing walk through the town or along the waters front to get to the beaches. They are very easily accesible. Enjoy the relaxing local beaches of Psaraliki 1 & 2, the Camping Beach, Sifneiko and St. Spiridon Beach

Psaraliki 1 & 2

Psaraliki 1 & 2 are organised beaches with sun chairs. These sandy beaches lie in the east part of the island, a 10min walk in the southern direction towards Agios Georgios. In Psaraliki 1 you can sit down and relax in the sun chairs for about EU 7. While, in Psaraliki 2, you can enjoy the sun chairs, watersports and the really nice beach bars. Psaraliki 1 & 2 are both very relaxing and calm beaches which is great for families with small children. The kids can play safely in the shallow waters in eyes sight, while you sit down in the shade of the trees or enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water. Psaraliki 2 is located a 2min walk after Psaraliki 1. Then, a 20 minute walk from Pasarliki 2 takes you to Panagia Beach. 

Camping Beach

Camping beach is one of the most popular on the island! It is located next to a camping site, and is about a 700m walk from Kouros Village. The camping site provides tents for shade, shelters, pitches and a large space to set up your own tents. With its shallow and clean waters, this beach is known for one particular and unique reason… Its where nudism is officially allowed. Cheeky! Although, it is not mandatory to be nude, you can still attend in your swimmers if preferred. The beach is long and sandy, and is surrounded by beautiful green land, making it very relaxing on a hot summers days! You can also grab a bite to eat while you are there from the taverna at the camping site. Just next to the main camping beach, there are a couple of beautiful smaller beaches, waiting for you to explore!

Sifneiko Beach

Sunset beach, (officially called Sifneiko Beach) as you can see Sifnos Island from there, is reached by foot from the square in Antiparos town (500m distance), or by a vehicle on the ring road. When there is a north wind you can enjoy a splash in the waves. This beach has no organized chairs. So, bring a towel and relax on the soft pebbly sand. Sifneiko beach is perfect for watching the sunset, hence its name ‘Sunset Beach’. During sunset hour, watch the colours of the sky magically change from a salmon pink, peachy orange, blue, yellow and sometimes a light purple while the sun says goodbye for the day. During Golden hour you can relax with a cocktail at one of 2 bars/restaurants that are located by the waterfront.  There is also a children’s playground located there and some stone benches to sit on to gaze at the scenery and sunset. 

St. Spiridon Beach

This Beach is the most easily accessible from the hotel and some the rooms at Kouros Village are overlooking this sandy beach.  You can walk out past the yoga deck and exit the gate to then arrive straight at the St Spiridon. St. Spiridon has some shade from the trees and sunbeds to relax on. The water is very shallow, flat and calm, meaning that this beach is the most suitable for families with little kids. But, its not to say that it can’t be enjoyed by anyone. While you are here you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the port and watch the people and the boats go by. So come to St. Spiridon splash around and enjoy the magic of Antiparos isalnd.  

If you are looking for a place to stay close to the beaches on Antiparos, Kouros Village is the place for you.