Uncover Kouros Village Story

1995 – The creation of the hotel in Antiparos

Kouros Village’s story goes way back to the 80s when there were no cars on the island, and very few tourists visited Antiparos. Vasilis, the hotel’s founder, came to the island for the first time in 1977, almost by accident, as he was initially planning to visit Naxos. Still, his innate curiosity drove him to hop on a boat to Antiparos.

His love for the island was instant, and he returned a couple of years later when he opened the first bar at the island’s square. As expected, it didn’t take him long to see Antiparos’ potential and thus, together with two other partners, Themis and Stelios, they quickly bought the land where now Kouros Village stands.

Back then, there was not much to do around the peninsula, and the area was regarded as a remote part of the village. Nowadays, it is considered an ideal location, as it can be found within walking distance from the town and boasts a scenic sea view over the Aegean. The construction started in 1990 and in 1995, the hotel in Antiparos operated for the first time.

The name Kouros was inspired by the findings of Kouros statues in the Cyclades, and it was the first resort on the island, while its swimming pool was one of the very first ones too. The hotel was built with typical Cycladic architectural elements, and it consists of three buildings embracing the garden and the pool, creating a sense of a “village”.

Kouros Village quickly became a success not only because of its innovative accommodation facilities and services but also because of the buzzing restaurant, which was hosting Greek nights once a week, experimenting with new trends over the years.

2016 – The takeover of Kouros Village

In 2016, Iliada and Christos took over the Antiparos hotel’s management. They started a large-scale renovation to properly maintain the building and upgrade the rooms’ style, giving them a fresh and modern look.

With thorough attention to detail, all rooms have undergone a complete refurbishment and have been furnished with designer furniture, sophisticated amenities and top quality mattresses. The renovation of the rooms was completed in 2022, and the team is now proud to offer an exquisite accommodation experience.

While dinner servings had stopped for some years, in 2020, the team grew bigger by welcoming Samano restaurant into the premises. The refined gastro restaurant is run by one of Greece’s most renowned chefs, creating a complete culinary experience for Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel’s guests.

Now – A new era for Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel

Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel is a modern hotel, but it’s also much more than that. It’s an exceptional meeting place for families and friends, sea lovers, gastronomy enthusiasts and people seeking idyllic, out-of-the-beaten-track summer escapes.

Since 1995, the hotel has welcomed thousands of guests from every corner of the world, who kept coming back to our premises and with many of whom we’re grateful to have made good friends along the way. We welcome our guests to the hotel with the same excitement since day one, and we commit to offering beautiful summer memories they’ll cherish forever.

With excellent reviews across different booking platforms, our hotel is established as a top destination on Antiparos, offering personalised services and experiences, such as yoga retreats, boat rentals and tailormade concierge services, to make the best out of our guests’ accommodation on the island.

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