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Prepare for the ultimate escape in one of the most out-of-the-beaten track Greek Islands. Travel with your beloved ones and immerse yourself in playful Antiparos experiences tailored to meet your needs. Explore the island’s prime location, its magnificent beaches, its stunning mountains caves and gorges, and prepare to soak up the impressive views of the Aegean Sea.

Get acquainted with the local territory and culture, experience the magnificent nature, and stimulate your body and mind with revitalising Kouros Village Hotel Antiparos experiences, designed exclusively for you. Consult our trusted partners and experienced hotel staff and let us organise a hiking tour, a yoga lesson and even a more extreme kitesurfing or diving experience that you’ll cherish for life.

Uncover a whole new experience with a hiking excursion on Antiparos’ hills

Antiparos features a well-organized network of hiking paths with defined routes of varying complexity. Choose the Oliaros path for a pleasant afternoon stroll, the Antiparos wetlands for a family-friendly route, or the Rural Heritage route to explore the hill’s summit. Find yourself wandering in a breathtaking cedar ecosystem and be in awe at King Cedar- a tree dating back more than a hundred years. Come across the coastal dunes’ habitat and the sand daffodils, or opt for a unique hiking experience along the in-depth lagoon crossing from one tiny islet to another.

Enjoy panoramic views of the wetlands, reach Profitis Ilias – the island’s highest peak – and finish off your hiking tour with a dive in the crystal clear waters of secluded beaches you’ll encounter along the way. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, Antiparos Island caters to whatever your heart desires with extensive hiking routes, ideal for solo travellers, couples and families alike. Find the one that meets your standards or contact us, and we’ll help you plan your dreamy tour!

Prioritise your physical and spiritual wellbeing with a beach yoga class in Antiparos

Join the best yoga, breathwork & meditation retreats in Antiparos. Take a rejuvenating beach yoga class to reconnect with your soul, mind, and body. Choose a beginning, intermediate, or advanced class, use regulated breathing to ease tension, try some flexibility exercises and meditate to communicate with your inner self.

Allow our highly experienced instructors to guide you deeply into yoga and meditation and discover the “new you” in a community of like-minded souls in an idyllic location. Experience a reconnection to the source of all life and feel revitalised and whole in body, mind and soul while vacationing in Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel. Consult our expert staff and schedule your session for an alternative Antiparos experience that will mark your memory.

Dive and explore the majestic Mediterranean seabed

Whether you’re a skilful diver, a beginner, or simply someone seeking to try out an enthralling Antiparos experience, the island will mesmerise you with its endless diving options. Prepare to explore the awe-inspiring Mediterranean seabed, swim amongst wrecks, discover hidden caverns and surround yourself with volcanic creations emerging under the water’s surface.

Get to Panderonisi islet, the Barracuda Point, or the Bubble Reef, and dive into Antiparos’ clear waters to admire the magnificent nature. Note that some diving centres based on the neighbouring island of Paros also have branches in Antiparos and offer courses for all ages and various diving trips. Consult us and get tailored recommendations on the most exhilarating places to dive in Antiparos.

Kitesurf in Antiparos, a favourite destination for kitesurfers from all over the world

Opt for an extreme Antiparos experience. The beautiful beaches in Paros and Antiparos, combined with the excellent wind conditions, make kite surfing on the island a truly unique experience. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is the best place to try your skills at kitesurfing, as many Paros’ and Antiparos’ beaches boast kitesurfing facilities and various schools with experts to guide you through.

If you’re heading to Paros particularly, the spot to go kite is Pounda, an area in front of Antiparos island with flat water. The strait between Paros and Antiparos at Pounta Beach is a paradise for kitesurfers. Additionally, the beach on the west of Paros is preferred because of the favourable winds in the area. Waste no time; let’s discuss your options and help you indulge in once-in-a-lifetime kite trips along the mysterious yet fascinating Paros-Antiparos passage.

Find out what to do in Antiparos for a genuine and active vacation experience

Immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere and the laid-back charm of Antiparos Island. Book your accommodation at Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel and organise your daily excursions and extreme activities with the experts’ help. Contact us today and let us help you organise the best Antiparos experiences to get the ultimate taste of the small island’s grandeur today.

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