Antiparos Island Complete Guide

Learn everything you need to know about Antiparos Island and plan your holidays in Greece with ease

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Antiparos Guide in a Nutshell

Discover Antiparos, a Cycladic island that combines relaxation with adventure and history with modern living. Prepare for an out-of-the-ordinary, calm, and rejuvenating vacation experience with your beloved ones in one of Greece’s best-kept secret islands.

Keep reading our complete Antiparos guide to learn all you need to know about:


When to visit Antiparos

The best time to visit Antiparos Island is from April till late October. Opt for the less crowded months of April or May and experience the island with almost no distractions.

Choose June, July, or August and get a taste of the vibrant island life during its high season. Make sure to book your accommodation in Antiparos in advance, as the prices tend to increase and the availability decreases.

Visit Antiparos in September or October and indulge in the mellow late summer season. It’s an ideal period to have a tranquil vacation and discover the island’s natural treasures.

The best time to visit Antiparos, Greece:

How to travel to Antiparos

The only way to visit Antiparos Island is via a ferry from Paros. Reach Paros by plane or boat, and from there, board a ferry to get to your vacation destination swiftly. The sail from Paros to Antiparos lasts about 7 to 20 minutes, depending on whether you catch the car ferry from Pounda port or the speedboat from Paros’ main port, Paroikia.

Reach Paros by plane

Board an aeroplane from Athens, Thessaloniki, or Heraklion and ease travel to Paros’ airport. Head over to Paros’ port, the renowned Pounda, take one of the ferries operating daily routes to Antiparos, and reach your destination in the blink of an eye.

Get to Paros by boat

Travel conveniently to Paros by ferry from all ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrion) or other Cycladic Islands. Board a conventional ferry or a speedboat from Paros’ port and get to Antiparos in no time. *Note that the trip from Athens takes around 4 to 6 hours - always depending on the vessel’s itinerary and stops.

Unravel the best Antiparos’ beaches to visit

Antiparos boasts an ample variety of scenic beaches with crystal-clear, shallow waters and golden, sandy shores. Visit Antiparos’ best beaches and recharge in their serene ambience.

Enjoy some family time in the tranquil Agios Spiridonas Beach

Reach Agios Spiridonas Beach with your family on foot and let your kids slosh around in its swallow, transparent waters. Sunbathe on its sandy shore and taste the flavorful local cuisine in the nearby taverns.

Swim in the azure waters of Psaraliki Beach

Walk to Psaraliki Beach and take a refreshing swim in its transparent waters. Stroll on the shiny shore and relish the panoramic view towards the neighbouring island of Paros. Enjoy a drink or grab a bite at the nearby beach bars.

Unwind in the serene ambience of Panagia Beach

Drive to the scenic Panagia beach and relax on its sun-kissed shore. Dive into its clear, blue waters and admire the diverse landscape prevailing on the beach. Cool off under the trees’ thick shade and satisfy your appetite in the nearby Greek tavern.

Enrich your vacation experience with Antiparos’ activities

Opt for an energising activity in Antiparos, Greece and get to know the active aspect of the island. The top Antiparos’ activities you shouldn’t miss out on trying are trekking, beach yoga, and scuba diving.

Organise a hiking excursion on Antiparos’ diverse routes

Antiparos has a well-organized hiking path network with designated routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Choose the Oliaros route for a refreshing afternoon hike, opt for the wetlands of Antiparos, a suitable route for the whole family, or explore the top of the hill in the Rural Heritage.

Relieve your stress with a revitalising yoga class by the beach

Connect with your soul, mind, and body by taking a rejuvenating beach yoga class in Antiparos. Opt for a beginner, intermediate or advanced class, relieve your stress with controlled breathing, enhance your fitness with flexibility exercises and meditate to communicate with your inner self. Check the calendar and find the yoga retreats that meet your needs and suit your schedule.
Dive and explore the vivid Mediterranean seabed

Scuba dive in the vivid Aegean seabed

Located at the centre of the Cyclades, Antiparos has a rich seabed to discover. Get to Panderonisi islet, Barracuda Point, or Bubble Reef, and dive into Antiparos’ clear waters to admire magnificent reefs and imposing shipwrecks. Consult Blue Island Divers, which is located just a minute’s walk away from the hotel.

Visit Antiparos’ must-see attractions

Antiparos Island is home to a wide variety of natural wonders and historic sights. The top 3 Antiparos’ places you can’t miss visiting are the Antiparos Cave, the Venetian Castle, and the Cycladic Art Museum.

Explore the awe-inspiring Antiparos Cave

Antiparos Cave is the island’s landmark, the most famous sight to visit. It’s a natural cave, covered in different-shaped stalactites and stalagmites that intrigue every visitor. Reach the cave and experience its other-worldly ambience in person.

Take a tour in the historic Venetian Castle

Also known as Kastro, the Venetian Castle has stood proudly next to the metropolis of Agios Nikolaos for almost 600 years now. Roam in its stone walls and time travel back to an era of knights and pirates.

Sail to the unspoiled Despotiko island

Situated just off Antiparos’ southeast coast, Despotiko island combines a range of magnificent beaches and a handful of ancient monuments and excavation sites to visit. Take a cool swim in its emerald waters and stop by the Temple of Apollo and Artemis to unravel their thousand-year history.

Indulge in the rich flavours of Antiparos’ local cuisine

Visit Antiparos’ restaurants, located along the shore, and satisfy your appetite with tasty gastronomic choices. Choose among various options featuring fresh seafood, delicious meat, and refreshing beverages and cocktails.


Savour mouth-watering seafood

Opt for a crispy grilled octopus, a delicious shrimp spaghetti, or any other seafood – depending on the catch of the day. Complement your lunch with garden-fresh salads or local vegetables and a glass of flavorful Greek wine.
Plate of spaghetti with meatballs

Taste succulent meat dishes

Choose a juicy Greek burger, some tasty meatballs with spaghetti, or the zesty grilled chicken, accompanied with crispy fries and a delicious local cheese called “myzithra.” Complement your dinner with a fresh salad and some local beer or red wine.

Sip traditional drinks and cocktails

Antiparos’ bars serve a mix of local Greek drinks and cooling cocktails from day to late night. Get to know the distinct “burn” of the Greek raki, try some ouzo and tsipouro or choose one of the classic summer cocktails.

Pack your bags and book your accommodation in a modern hotel in Antiparos

Book your accommodation in a convenient hotel in Antiparos, located right in the city’s heart. Opt for Kouros Village Antiparos Hotel and ensure a relaxing vacation experience in Antiparos, Greece. Choose a spacious room, apartment, or suite for the whole family or luxuriate in a stylish double room with your significant other.

Pamper yourself with the top-notch services and amenities designed to cater to any of your needs and to provide you with a hassle-free holiday experience. So book today and get ready for a revitalising vacation on Antiparos Island.

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