Antiparos is a beautiful Greek island in the center of the Cyclades, known for its mesmerising beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rugged landscapes. Antiparos hiking offers an opportunity to explore the uniqueness of the island and get in touch with its natural beauty.

Despite being a relatively small island, there are several hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging treks, suitable for everyone, no matter your fitness level. Get prepared to witness various landscapes, including hills, valleys, and rocky coastlines, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands – a not-to-miss experience! Antiparos hiking is one of our favourite activities, especially during May when the flowers are still blooming and the weahter is not too hot. 

How to get prepared for your Antiparos hiking adventure

Getting fully prepared for hiking in Antiparos is essential if you wish to stay safe and get the most out of this unique experience.

  1. Wear sturdy hiking shoes, sunscreen and a hat for sun protection
  2. Pack plenty of water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energised
  3. Carry a first aid kit and a physical map in case phone GPS service doesn’t work
  4. Check the weather forecast and trail conditions before setting out
  5. Inform someone about your planned itinerary and the expected return time

Consult your hotel’s staff to advise you with the best options based on your needs

Discover the best Antiparos trails



This is probably our favourite Antiparos hike. Have a pleasant afternoon stroll on a fantastic, easy-to-moderate 1,5-hour circular hiking trail in Antiparos that promises to treat you with unforgettable scen

eries. If you are looking for a leisurely hike that showcases the island’s rural charm, the Oliaros trail is the ideal choice. Pass through the picturesque village and stop for a second to take in the stunning views of the coastline and the surrounding hills at Sifneikos Gialos, also a must spot to watch the sunset from. As you continue the trail you will encounter beautiful cliffs and deep blue waters and you will reach a cedar trea by the Camping Beach which is hundreds of years old and stands as a landmark of the cedar forest which once formed dense clusters in the norther part of Antiparos. 


The wetlands

Do not miss out on observing the island’s rich flora and fauna during one of the most popular Antiparos trails. During this hike, you will explore the wetlands’ lush vegetation and the scenic countryside surrounding the island’s salt lake. The many species of birds that call the wetlands their home is yet another highlight that adds to the experience of this easy to moderate-level hike, which takes approximately 1h 30mins to complete both ways.  On this Antiparos hike you will pass by the beaches Psaraliki 1 and Psaraliki 2 and end the route in Panagia beach to cool down in the shade of the trees and a dip in the crystal clear waters before you make your way back again. 

Sifneikos Gialos – Vourna cape

This Antiparos hike is great to combine with the Oliaros hiking trail. From Sifneikos Gialos, a 20 minute hike uphill will reward you with the most amazing view of Antiparos village, Paros and on a clear day, many of the surrounding islands. The white and blue chapel of the littel church Stavros, typical example of Cycladic architecture, is the perfect backdrop for many beautiful pictures and the sunset from there is surreal. Also a beautiful spot for watching the sunset. A rocky hike downhill will take you to beach Voreina where you can finish your Antiparos hiking with a cool dive on a pristine beach before hiking back. 

Sunset from Stavros

Profitis Ilias

Reach Profitis Ilias, Antiparos’ highest peak, just 300m above sea level and revel in panoramic views of the island during a beautiful hike. This steep trail will surely try your stamina, but it will reward you with breathtaking scenery and if you are lucky and the sky is clear, you can see up to 15 surrounding Cycladic Islands. The homonymous chapel was built in 1937 by the locals. It takes around 40 minutes to walk to Profitis Ilias from Kouros Village one way. 

Soros – Faneromeni

 Experience wonderful views of the island’s coastline and the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea during a moderate-level hike that lasts around 2 hours and 40 minutes. Start your Antiparos hike from the beautiful Soros Beach and walk to the southernmost part of the island.  At the sourthern part of Antiparos Island, at Faneromeni Bay you will encounter volcanic rocks creating extraordinary geological formations. Along your hike, you will explore small hidden beaches with the most pristine waters to enjoy a refreshing dive.


Hop on an unforgettable Antiparos hiking tour tailored to your needs

If you are wondering what to do in Antiparos or wish to discover which trails best suit your interests and physical condition, contact our team for expert advice. Our local concierge specialists are at your service to help you plan your dream Antiparos hiking tour. If you are lucky, visiting in the months of September and October, you can join Vasilis, the hotel owner, on one of his morning hikes and he will share with you the secrets of the island.