Beach yoga in Antiparos summer 2018!

Meet our yoga teacher and join in this year's beach yoga classes. Dates for summer 2018 are out!

Summer holidays are just around the corner and all you can think about is blue sea, sand under your toes and sun kissed cheeks. Except for meaningful time with friends and family, holidays are also a good chance to let go of the patterns that do not serve you any longer and finding a moment to reflect upon what matters the most and connect with yourself. Some beach yoga on a small Greek island is maybe just what you were looking for.

We are happy to announce that Rebekka will be coming to Antiparos also this summer to offer morning and evening yoga practices but also private  classes upon request. .After some amazing yoga sessions the past two summers, in 2018 Rebekka will be on the island the following dates:

14th of July – 3rd of August 2018

Get to know Rebekka a bit better through her inteview below and meet her this summer at Kouros Village! Yoga mats are provided, all you need to bring is your body, mind and good spirits!


Hello Rebekka, Tell us some things about yourself!

I ‘m from Athens and I have been a yoga teacher for 4 years. I ‘m practicing yoga from 2008 and I have a deep love and respect for yoga, finding that it empowers me with strength, tranquility and it makes me more conscious. I work in studios in Athens such as Swaha , Akrida, Social yogis and I give also private classes. In the summers you can find me at Kouros Village teaching yoga.

What kind of yoga do you teach/practise?

Yoga is a celebration of diversity through the thread of consciousness that is unity, so I don’t “honor” one style. I just do yoga. My classes are designed for my students, their abilities and their specific needs. This year I have an advanced class and I teach Vinyasa and I also have a group of people over 60 that have never done anything with their body so I teach them gentle yoga. To answer your question, I came from an Ashtanga background, a powerful practice that has influenced my classes. However, I am open to explore and combine all styles and methods (Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Rocket Yoga) and I have traveled and meditated extensively in search of amazing teachers to help expand my experience.

What motivated you to begin to teach yoga?

Teaching provides me with an opportunity to purify my perception of others and I also like to be helpful to others that may be in pain physically, mentally or emotionally.

Why would you encourage someone to do yoga?

People do yoga for flexibility, stress relief, health, and physical fitness. But, for most people, their primary reason for doing yoga will change. I believe yoga practices awaken a person to who they really are, which entails letting go of their ignorance, negative emotions and all that separates them from reality—from others. Yoga offers self-reflection, the practice of kindness and self-compassion, and continued growth and self-awareness. There is no limits in practicing yoga such as age, flexibility or strength. You can come in one class just to try it out and then you can decide if it is something for you.

What was your highlight of teaching yoga in Antiparos the last two summers?

It has been amazing meeting so many people from different places and backgrounds. With many of them I have kept in touch and it pleases me to know that I added a nice experience to their holidays. When people are on holidays they are more relaxed and positive and I want, through my yoga classes, to give them the tools to keep this spirit even when times are more difficult so as not to loose touch with themselves.

Yoga classes in Antiparos

Join us for blissful beach yoga in Antiparos! Enjoy the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun while practising yoga.

Join us for blissful beach yoga in Antiparos! Enjoy the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun while practising yoga. Holidays are a great time to take some extra care of yourself, try something new or keep up with your favourite activities. During the summer season we arrange various yoga sessions with the fantastic teacher Rebekka.

Enjoy a drop in class or devote some more time to your practise. Yoga’s benefits include improved strength, flexibility, balance and peace of mind while meditation increases self awareness and focus.

Stay tuned to see the upcoming dates of the next sessions.