Find your Inner Peace

Find your Inner Peace

3 day yoga retreat with the dynamic duo Rebecca Gkogkou and Sofia Filonos. In this Yoga Retreat we will try to find our inner peace that in this last year may have been more difficult to approach. We will create space and time for ourselves to bring balance in body, mind and spirit. Our tools will be the practice of Yoga, the sun and the sea, relaxing time at Kouros Village and breakfast prepared in Samano Restaurant.

About the retreat: Inner peace is a state of physical and mental calm that is either unaffected by what is happening around you or returns easily after a change or conflict. We all have the ability to metabolize difficult situations to bring light and harmony back into our lives, but sometimes we need a system of support and reminder of this power. So what is required is not a daily life without problems or changes, after all we live in a crazy era full of constant tensions and battles. Everything that is happening right now on the planet in combination with the personal pressure that each of us receives from external conditions fills us fear and insecurity. And as it happens in every living organism, where when its environment attacks it is shielded and contracted, so when we feel stress and pressure for a long time we are disconnected from ourselves and the environment. Nevertheless, we can always come in contact with this part of us that is peace or if you want love.
We dedicate this retreat to these practices that teach us how to find calm, serenity, sobriety, harmony, that is, the feeling of love for us and everything around us, regardless of the circumstances. Breathing techniques, meditation and yoga will be our main tools.


24 - 26 Jun 2022


18:00 - 18:00


Kouros Village

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1 Room , 1 Adult , 0 Children